Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jay-z is a fake drug dealer according to the black Calvin Klein.

Lot’s of criticism gone Jay-Z’s way since taking over Def-Jam from the way treats his artists to promoting his own music above and beyond everything else - now Calvin Klein a former Brooklyn drug dealer says Jay-Z is not real.

Calvin Klein has a bit a bit of a bitch about ‘ol Jay-Z. The dude who spent years in prison has now made good with real estate deals, his own record label, and tour manager for Akon. He holds a half beef with Jay-Z because Jay promised the hook ups but didn’t deliver. So he’s a bit of a hater.

Check what he had to say about Hov:

“In the 80’s, Jay wasn’t trying to be a drug dealer he was tryna be a rapper but in order for him to transcend himself into this hell of a dude, he had to take characters from the 80’s like myself…. To me Jay‘s a white boy on the inside , no offense to any white boys but to me he’s white boy on the inside and I’m waiting for time to tell what he’s gonna do with the outside of himself ,” Klein continued. ” I’m surprised he should have done himself a favor and pout me on his team . How you gon let Akon pull me in , official Konvict. Akon provided the chance and an opportunity for guys like myself , Jay could have done that out the gate but he didn’t.”

Did anyone really believe all Jay-Z raps is real? Rappers is largely like cartoon characters from the beginning - or a nitro wrestler - living fake fantasy lifestyles through video. And Jay-Z was one of the best at this game.

Like Ice-T said “Yo if you think I’m really a cop killer thats like thinking David Bowie is really an Astronaut.”

Bottom line though, Jay-Z grew up in the Marcy Projects and is now worth over 300 million dollars.Check the rest of this story: Interview.

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